More Riddles and Welton’s Fall (Session 51 Recap)

Campaign date: 6th Early Winter – 10th Early Winter, 996 A.D.

Party departs Northwatch on the morning of the 7th, encounters and destroys a kobold warband at the bridge. They return to Northwatch and depart for Richrom’s Rest on the morning of the 8th. Before descending into the tomb, the party dispatches three giant, snow-colored tarantulas. Red beetles swarm out of the holes near the fire and mountain rooms; Welton is severely wounded and loses an eye. The party returns to Northwatch to put him on bedrest and departs again on the morning of the 9th. Reaching the point where the map found on the skeleton in the private chapel began, the party discovers that the map is a lie and there are additional hidden passageways leading to the real tomb of Garvin Richrom. The adventurers make their way through a large number of rooms with previously-activated (and some not) traps and finally locate the tomb. A series of false bottoms gives way to the actual treasure at the bottom as well as a passageway out of the tomb leading to behind the inn. The party returns to Northwatch, rests, and then arrives in Whitehold the afternoon of the 10th.