Conversations with a Goddess and a dragon | The Starlight Enigma (Session 44 Recap)

Campaign Date: 18th – 22nd of Mid Harvest, 996 A.C.
Arriving at Northwatch on the 18th of Mid Harvest, the party decided to spend the day browsing the new shops and carousing with the local military men. On the morning of the 19th, they departed to find Ganymede Bay with Eryn and Dreya as guides. After several hours of travel, they could see a shimmering horizon in the distance and began to smell the lovely scent of saltwater. Rising to the west were the structures of what could only be the City of Stone. Fayne successfully located the pearl with aid from Palieah, but drowned shortly after losing his granted ability to breathe underwater. H’thark was also lost in an attempt to rescue him. Immediately following these tragedies, a dragon who announced himself as Xerficus flew to the party from the City and took Fayne’s sword. As the party began to ascend the cliff wall, the figures of H’thark and Fayne appeared in the distance. They revealed to the party that they were spoken to and revived by Palieah and after the initial shock of the two’s return, the party continued on to the City to seek out Xerficus. The dragon revealed he would not grant Fayne his sword until he slayed a dragon and the party left the city before dark to safely camp outside. On the 20th, they returned to Northwatch for a short rest before setting out to search for the Starlight Hills. Several hours later, they arrived and explored the very odd structures and features of the Hills. They slept for the night in the Hills, then returned to Northwatch on the 21st, then to Whitehold on the 22nd.

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