Assaulting the Hobgoblin Fortress (Session 46 Recap)

Campaign Date: 28th – 30th of Mid Harvest, 996 A.C.

Using Northwatch as the starting point, the Party left on a cool, clear Autumn morning with 20 Mercenaries in tow. Their objective was finding and destroying a Hobgoblin Fortress (Hex 1607) believed to be near the edge of the Silkwood. The fortresses existence was learned from intelligence gathered from a captured hobgoblin kept captive at Northwatch.

While searching, the adventurers were attacked by two highly venomous giant spiders and a mercenary was killed before they could be dispatched. That night, while camping, two Treants (Deeproot and Strongbranch) were also spotted crossing the river and talked to. They declined to assist with the attack on the Fortress, but mentioned they were headed East to assault another Beastman stronghold.

The Hobgoblin Fortress was found on the 29th, and using advanced scouting by an invisible Davett and Faelyn, the gates were opened and the assault was carried out successfully.

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