ACKS Books & Louisville D&D Preview Night

I received an email from Tavis just now with good news for those who backed ACKS during the Kickstarter. Here’s the email he sent out:

Alex, Greg, and I are proud to say that the Adventurer Conqueror King books are here for real! Don’t take my word for it – we have video proof:

What this means for our backers is:

  • If you are here at Gary Con IV and you are receiving the ACKS hardcover as a backer reward, you can come pick it up from us at the dealer’s room! If you were just getting a PDF or beta reader, you can upgrade to hardback here at the convention (or anytime online).
  • If you are eagerly awaiting your print backer reward or pre-order, it will be reaching you soon! Our fulfillment partner Game Salute will be putting together the shipments and sending them out over the next week.

What this means for those who want to buy their copy of Adventurer Conqueror King in a brick and mortar store:

  • The Preview Nights program will begin as soon as our backers have their copies. Game Salute Select stores participating in the program will get their books early, and will be running demos helping introduce people to the ACKS system and also put them in the hands of those who’ve been awaiting them for a while now.
  • Stores that aren’t participating in the Preview Nights program will get their copies three weeks later.
  • Owners of the PDF can use the coupon to upgrade to the hardcover at any store that carries ACKS, or from us online.

Thanks for your support – this is a great moment for us and we look forward to sharing the pleasure of holding these books in your hands!

I’ve been in touch with Colin at The Louisville Game Shop to set up a Preview Night of our own in Louisville. What this means is that hopefully Colin with have a couple extra hardcovers for those of you who want to get a copy but didn’t have a chance to back.

We’ll have more information about the Preview Night as we get more details and organize with Colin.