Our mission is to make Louisville, KY the most awesome nerd city in the universe by providing a hub to connect local nerds to diverse nerd activities, providing resources to empower local nerd groups, and promoting Louisville as a nerd destination

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Why Nerd Louisville?

We established Nerd Louisville because we found that there was a vibrant and active community of people interested in games and other nerdy activities within Louisville, but that many of those people were scattered throughout the city in disparate groups with little-to-no cross pollination between them.

We wanted to change that and make it easier for people to connect, become friends, and play games together. The larger our personal network of nerds in the city is, the easier it is to find a new group, replace a lost member, and share our passions with other people who reside in Louisville.

A new group wasn’t the solution to this problem. There are dozens of amazing and well-organized gaming and social groups in Louisville. Instead, we figured the best solution to this problem was to create a hub for these groups and individuals to connect, engage in social activities together, and stay informed of all the interesting events and activities happening in Louisville.

The goal with Nerd Louisville isn’t to supersede the already existent groups of nerds in Louisville, but to create a platform for all of those groups to connect and find new members in one location. This same platform will provide people new to Louisville and those wishing to form new groups to take advantage of an already existent base of friends and fellow nerds.

Our vision for the future is to broaden the scope of Louisville’s reputation as a place where nerds can call home by making it the best city for nerds to live and play. We can’t do that alone, so we hope you’ll help us.

Right now, our board of directors is but three of us (the minimum we needed to register as a non-profit in Kentucky). We realize we’re all straight, white males. We’d like to change that and expand our board to realize a much more diverse perspective that we know exists within the city.

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