What is Louisville D&D?

We are a community of local gamers in Louisville, KY (and surrounding areas) that meet up regularly to sit around a table and play Dungeons & Dragons. We use the Adventurer Conqueror King System, which takes the 1981 Moldvay-Cook Basic and Expert boxed sets and refines and builds upon it with a comprehensive economic system and extra layers of character customization.

The goal of Louisville D&D is to create an open world “sandbox” style campaign where the players are the driving force behind change and exploration. We use a system of scheduling sessions based on Ben Robbins’ West Marches style campaign (this blog is highly recommended) that allows numerous players to all mingle freely and adventure without a standard 4 or 5 player group. See: The Pitch

We welcome all players to try out the game. We come from a variety of gaming backgrounds and systems, including some players new to D&D entirely! We consider ourselves an “open table” as far as recruitment goes. That means anyone is welcome to join and try it out. However, we do require a standard of behavior of our players, since sometimes we play in public and our group is diverse. See: The Rules

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ, which goes into more detail about things potential players might be interested in.