The End of LD&D

Thank You, LD&D!

Hey folks! As noted, the Whitehold campaign will be ending soon as school picks up for me. In fact, as we know it, it’ll be ending immediately

We had an amazing run since Sept. of 2011 with close to 100 players who’ve played at least one session. That’s nearly four real world years and 300+ sessions. We played a full campaign from 1st level to very powerful maxed out level characters at a world-changing scope. 

This group did something that many thought impossible and did it in a way that was fundamentally unique and amazing. We are badass. Seriously. There were multiple people who told me “it’ll never work” when I began this. But it did work, even when we had arguments or bad ideas or burned out. We still kicked ass. And, we were more successful than I could have ever imagined. That’s all thanks to you guys. 

We’ve also made a lot of incredible memories and I’ve met some people I imagine I’ll have a lifelong friendship with through the campaign. I want to continue to hang out (see below). 

As I said, the campaign as we know it is over. I want to thank everyone for showing up, playing, bringing snacks, taking notes, drawing maps, making people laugh (and cry), saving your buddies from death and dismemberment, insidious magics and worse. Thank you for donating your efforts, time and in some cases, money to keep the website, wiki and community up and running. I can’t say thanks enough! You guys have truly made DMing this campaign a rewarding and fulfilling task.  

So, what’s coming in the future?

  • The Road to Kingshold (mini-campaign)
  • Nerd Louisville


The Road to Kingshold

As a reward to those who have given the most, I am planning to run a series of concluding sessions called The Road to Kingshold. This series conclusion will determine the fate of Albion and the world. Will the Dark Sisters end the rebellion and spread their empire to all of mankind or will Sybil Emberstark lead her rebellion with the aid of heroes to overthrow the queens or will the allegedly true heir of Old Albion be placed upon the throne of Kingshold? 

If there is enough interest, this series of sessions will most likely run bi-weekly, Sunday afternoons and end with a final “retreat” toward the end of the summer. The campaign will wrap up by the Fall semester (Mid-August) at the latest. Which means, it’ll be about 5-7 sessions. 

This series of sessions will break the entire campaign mold; there will be a set group, there will be no downtime between sessions (they will end and pick up where time left off, as a “normal” game might be run), anyone in the group will be expected to show up at a set time and day each week, and all maintenance (shopping [if any], roleplay, etc.) will be handled at the table. In a lot of ways, this series will be a very traditional D&D game. 

Furthermore, there will be 6 players slots and a special dibs system. The players with the most number of attended sessions will have dibs to all The Road to Kingshold sessions. That means: @DM DH@pispa@Praetorius@ED,@Jakob@chas_the_mystic@JustinMichael are the current active players as dibs holders for this mini-campaign in that order. If one you guys are not interested in attending, please let me know, and we will use that slot to invite another player who doesn’t have dibs. 

I wish I could invite everyone! There just isn’t enough space. Other players may still participate, should they wish to be on “standby” for cameo roles. These will be single-session additions that fill a specific purpose for that session’s adventure. If you’re interested in participating, please email me.

The recaps to these sessions will be posted somewhere for everyone to know the outcome of the campaign finale.  

Nerd Louisville

As LD&D wraps up, that doesn’t mean we’re all going to stop gaming. On the contrary, we have lots of people who are amazing roleplayers and budding GMs who can/will run their own campaigns. For myself, I won’t be able to run a campaign on the scale of Whitehold again, but I am sure I will want to continue to game. So, I want to be able to find games and players in the future. 

Our next venture is a community website for gamers and nerds in Louisville for people to make friends and play games. There were many times when LD&D sort-of branched toward being a meeting place / hosting site for multiple groups and as we all start new games but want to remain connected (and play in each others’ games), we’ll need a place to do that.@AB+ and I have been working to establish a nonprofit called Nerd Louisville. We’re not formally announcing it until June, but you guys are friends and should know first. 

Once the website is ready, I’ll obviously be inviting all LD&D crew members to join, setup groups and start your own campaigns with each other. I want to run some Apocalypse World and play in, @DM John‘s D&D stuff, @JustinMichael‘s 5E game, have @DM DH bring back his 1E game, so on and so forth. And, they’ll need players. That’s all you guys, us. And, more. 

The goal is to provide a network very similar to what we had here, but across many campaigns and games of many different styles (card, board, RPGs, etc.). 

When we launch in June, I hope everyone here will check it out and participate. Because I want to play in your games and you to play in mine.